Back in the kitchen, with all the foodie/drinkie images I’ve been creating lately. So here’s a portrait from a happy job (they’re all happy jobs!) from a short while ago. I’ve changed the way the final render was – made it a bit more edgy, but hey it’s the joys of digital! But really nothings changed, we’ve always had the ability to reprint images any way we’d liked. It’s just the tools we used to perform these tasks have changed so much. So with all this modern tech in mind, lately I’ve been watching YouTube videos of people shooting with large format cameras. So I’m contemplating dusting off the old 5×4 or 10×8 camera and joining in with the analogue revival, lets see what happens in the coming months.

Stuff used: Nikon D3x, 45mm PCE with a little pop of flash from a SB800 from camera right.