Lost in Glencoe. ‘How?’, I hear you ask. Well, it went something like this… On a recent jolly to Scotland, I had a bright idea to visit the usual photo hotspots in Glencoe – not wishing to create images of them, just wanting a look (I would have taken a few shots if I had time). I was really after creating some images from locations that have possibly been overlooked.

What really happened was that the weather wasn’t the best (hey, it’s Scotland!) I couldn’t find any of the usual spots I had in mind – I was therefore, not in the best of moods. I was cold and it was getting dark so I returned to the holiday lodge to cook myself in the hot tub whilst eating too much food. After all, I was there to enjoy myself!

As you can see from the ‘behind-the-camera’ pic’s, I’ve a new bag: LowePro Flipside 400. Oh! and a selfie of Mr Not Very Happy.

Here’s my shots from the trip. Next time I’ll be a bit more prepared – I’ve bought a map!