As promised in the previous journal upload, I’ve had the opportunity to re-familiarise myself to a way of working that I thought I’d never return to! When digital first came onto the scene, I thought it would be a tool for the press and sport, where news and events would need to be captured and transmitted at great speed, this wasn’t going to effect me and my large format/panoramic cameras and big 3000 joules lighting rigs! (Oh how wrong was I, I’m not the person to ask for this weeks lottery numbers!).

That was in 1800 and frozen stiff! Now it’s the future and we’re all in the digital realm, stuck staring into one computer monitor (if you’re lucky!) during the day, while at night we do something totally different, we stare at a 60 inch TV while doing the crush/solitaire on our iPad’s checking if anyone’s status has changed/whats for tea on Facebook on our phone! (well that’s what I do, and you can checkout my Facebook page here!). But that’s how the world is (I’m now sounding old, I’m not…I’m really only 34…..) virtually (sorry about the pun) everything is either on line or is managed/assisted by digital tech. I’ve dusted off the remaining analogue equipment I refused to sell and I’m starting to use it for fun, surely that’s what this job is all about isn’t it?

Image of Washington F Pit created on a Walker Titan 4×5 camera 180mm lens for Gentoo Housing and also below my remaining analogue kit, L to R Wista 8×10 with 300mm symmar, Walker Titan with 180mm lens and a Hasselblad 2000fc with 110mm f2 lens. I’ve more lenses and other accessories (I’ve included pic’s of my film stash-apparently it’s popular pass time on the web!) but you’ll have to wait for an in depth upload when the projects are underway. In the meantime you can view more analogue work on the instagram profile.

Seeya in a bit mb