Hi. A bit of Behind the Scenes for this Journal entry. The image above is the rig used to create the September Shot of the Month e-mailer. The full image is shown below and is an external architectural shot for The Gate in Newcastle upon Tyne. The kit comprises a Nikon d800e with a 24mm PCE lens with 11mm of shift applied, connected to a Nodal Ninja-rotational nodal point corrector that’s set up to create an approximate-240 degree panoramic image in 13 shots.

The files are then imported into Adobe Lightroom and then output into hi-res jpegs. The panoramic is created with PTGui with any further retouching done in Photoshop. There’s a bit more to the final image than that, but that’s all I’m going to share this time round.

Can’t bring myself to talk about the traumatic episode of the burger van!