As promised, and if you can remember that far back, here’s the Hasselblad in all its glory. This one is a 2000FCW and was introduced around 1977. I bought this one for the lens in the late 1990s, a Zeiss Planar F110 f2. The camera had a focal plane shutter (quite unusual in a Hasselblad – the flash sync is capped at 1/90th sec). The lens recently found use on a Nikon D7000 with the aid of an adaptor bought on eBay from China. Now it’s on a Sony film rig via two adaptors!

Also, my Walker Titan 5×4 camera accompanied me on this trip out, with a 180mm Super Angulon lens for the image of the old bus station at Seaton Carew. The 10×8 Wista made a trip out to Ouseburn for an owl mural captured with a 300mm standard lens. Other Behind The Scenes images you can see here are: Jobo developing tanks and 5×4 reels; process timer; Ilford chemistry (I would have prefered id11, but ilfosol 3 is easier to use at the moment being one-shot developer).

I’m enjoying using the film cameras recently – just wait until you see the Nikon film camera I’ve bought for the extortionate sum of £35… with a lens!! As you’ve probably guessed there’ll be more uploads like this shortly. The day job still continues however, with a nice little portrait commission for a website and a book project breaking up the analogue film excitement. Stay tuned! mb

PS. If anyone has any questions about any of the gear used in these Journal uploads please email through the contact address on the website (civil and polite questions please!).