It’s not me lying down on the job… Well in fact, it is!

Here’s a tricky little number. I was commissioned to create backplates by local creative agency, Different for the new Carpet Right TV ads. Backplates are created so they become a changing background behind the main action that’s been filmed on a greenscreen, see the screen grab below. The challenge here for a moderately large area, is an overall, even lighting effect. This allows any required retouch easier in post production – for example making the carpet/flooring area larger. That is however, easier said than done!

As you can see from the Behind the Scenes  images/video, we have David and Anthony the synchronised hoovering team from DnA Flooring (check them out on Facebook DNA Flooring), Joe and Simon from Different and yours truly.

The other important element in all of this was of course, the kit. Nikon D800e with Nikon lenses 35mm f2D; 28mm f1.8G, PCE 45 and 85 f2.8. Elinchrome AS3000 pack with Calumet radio trigger off a rats tail connector and 2/AS3000 heads with sports reflectors, with Elinchrome 500/Prolinca 400 as barebulb fill lights. Camera mounted on a large Manfrotto boom with 410 geared head. All images were shot tethered to a HP Elitebook2570p with Adobe Lightroom.