Shot of the Month Review 2020 time again! Above is a bit of on-location action using camera bags as stand weights!

So let’s go over to Anthea, who has the “scores-on-the-doors” to examine the stats. You need to be of a certain age to appreciate the Anthea joke!

Two studio images (one is a rubber animal image), one real animal portrait, two urban landscapes, three architectural studies, two location portraits, one seascape and one lifestyle/location image.

Also the camera/gear used shaped up like this and it’s an eclectic mix : Hasselblad 2000FCW, Mamiya C330, Bronica SQA, Nikon D4, Nikon D800e, Nikon D3, Nikon D2x and an Olympus EPL-1. If you want to compare the stats to previous years, have a look through the Journal index.

Let’s see what adventures 2021 brings, hopefully a bit busier than this last year!