This is a new restaurant in Sunderland (unfortunately not been able to open yet due to the lockdown, but will be opening a take away service soon, follow them on instagram for more info by using link below) by the extremely talented Mike Jameson (see above, he’s the good looking one on the right!). I’ve been fortunate to be his friend for a long time and couldn’t resist volunteering to create some stills and footage for him.

Apart from the fact the food is fantastic and the dining experience is different, also you’ll have to check out the other stuff/experiences that’ll go on there. Oh and there’s art on the walls for sale from Steve Kirkwood and myself, if you’re after a print for your wall!

Equipment used on this one, for a change all Sony, A6300, Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens, Samyang 12mm F2, Sony 50mm f1.8. Manfrotto and 3 legged thing tripods, Kenro slider and Sony RX100v.