Here we go again with another trip out with a large format camera.

This time urban landscapes with murals which depict local history. If these were shot in colour they would have a different feel to the images. I prefer the use of black and white film for a subject like this, it gives equal importance to the composition and viewpoint.

I did create digital images of the locations when shooting the Behind the Scenes images but I still prefer the more considered look of the large format images.  I’ve already mentioned in previous posts doing this is a bit of an event, along with the developing of the film and the scan/retouching of the file.

If you’re interested I’ll let you do the research into who Jack Crawford and Jimmy Montgomery are, but as normal here’s the gear breakdown:

Wista 10×8 camera, 300mm-f 5.6 Symmar lens, Manfrotto tripod and ball and socket head, Kodak TMax 100 asa film, scanner-Epson V700. Scanned 16 bit 1200dpi gray scale as a base scan then retouched and converted to 8 bit RGB and finished off in Nik Silver FX Pro 2.

I know there’s better ways to do this but if the wheel isn’t broke!!

Hope you like these posts as much as I’m enjoying using the equipment again.

Seeya soon