A recenct project for agency The Traveller and the Bear. A series of inspirational case studies where Northumberland based business share their business advice and tips #goodjobnorthumberland.

Three short films were produced and very good they are too, but my involvement was strictly photography. I’ve experience working on set before, sometimes you’ve got very little time and you have to be aware of what direction the film is taking so you can decide which direction the photography needs to go.

Equipment needs to be fast and adaptable – Nikon D4, D800e, Lenses – 28mm f1.8 /35mm f2 /45PCE f2.8 /50mm f1.4 /85mm f1.8 /70-200mm f2.8, Godox/Nikon Flash, with a few filters and a 3leggedthing tripod.

Seeya soon.