After a location shoot in Bamburgh, Northumberland (a super little job which I’ll share here soon, you’ll just have to be patient!) I decided to have a trip to Dunstanburgh Castle on the way back home.

I parked the car in the village, forgetting how far the walk was and after 30 minutes, I decided I had gone too far to turn back (it had been a long day). I’m glad I didn’t!

It was getting late nine-ish and I also forgot to bring the GoPro for the selfie moment so you’ll have to take my word for how I created these images.

Kit in the bag for this one: Nikon D800e, 45/24mmPCE lenses, 3leggedthing tripod, Nikon cable release, Lee and Firecrest filters, Lowepro aw300 backpack.

Many thanks to Karen and Dave for the mini Victoria sponge cakes left in the car and to be consumed on the drive home. There was only one big problem… I forgot how to get off the beach to where I parked the car!

Seeya soon.