As you’ve probably guessed, I can’t resist a lens from the 1970/80’s. Being the eternal optimist, I think all the answers to image ‘perfection’ are rooted in the past. Of course this isn’t strictly true, it’s just I remember these lenses when they first came out!

Those wishing to view the images created on film that I hinted at on my last Journal upload, will have to wait a little longer unfortunately. My film processing machine is out of action and I’m desperately salvaging spare parts to get it back up and running.

“Patience is a quality often found in women, but never in men”, my Grandma always used to tell me!

So in the meantime, marvel at the images created on a Nikon D3x with an E Series 100mm f2.8 lens at the beach. Enjoy!

Seeya soon. mb