Well, another year comes to an end. Hopefully, we’ll not be visiting this Santa’s grotto!

I would like to thank everyone (you all know who you are) who helped in any way with all the adventures in another, at times, difficult year. But we’ve made it this far and I believe/hope it’s getting better.

Last year at this time, I wrote and hoped people would get ‘what they needed’ and maybe not ‘what they wanted’. I still believe this now as then.

With the on-going pandemic and the issues that come with running a commercial photography business, I’m sure like me, sometimes you feel as though it would be good to be someone else. Sometimes to look to others and wish you were in their shoes and think everyone is having a better time than you! But a cleverer man than me once told me, “It dosen’t matter who or where you want to be, you’ll never be better than the person you are now!”

I hope everyone has a great holiday and remember kindness is free. Sometimes it feels hard work but it’s worth it. Honest!

Like the message in the image below, ‘stay safe’ and although we may all feel a bit worn down by everything of late, we should try for the benefit of us all.

Seeya soon mb.