The Journal section of the website is starting to look a lot like a Nikon vintage lens review site. Sorry (I’m not really!) It’s all part of the fun. If you haven’t already guessed, creating images and short film projects is a lot more than my profession!

The image above is a 28mm PC lens mounted on a Nikon D800e with 3leggedthing right angled bracket and a Zacuto screen rig. First impressions are it’s not as sharp as the modern 24mmPCE lens (which we also own). It resolves (how sharp the lens is) really well in the middle 2/3rds (this should improve if I stop down the aperture a bit more) but it’s nice and compact compared to the modern version and will handle easier on a Nodal Ninja rig (see exterior of the Gate in a previous Journal upload).

Normal Journal uploads are on the way – a lovely room set job and a portrait ad job. I might also squeeze in some images created on black and white film – I just can’t help myself.

Seeya soon.