Here’s a nice little room set job for Barker and Stonehouse. It was created at the same time as the TV winter ad’s were being shot. The lighting needed to be of a similar feel to the TV but I managed to tweak it a little for the stills.

This was a big production shot on location at the Boiler Shop, in central Newcastle upon Tyne. As usual, we all had a good laugh so big thanks to all the folk from Barker and Stonehouse, Reproduction and Marko Creative.

And for the fan boys, the kit on this one included a couple of borrowed lighting sets from the TV shoot; three Genesis battery units with two soft lights and one open dish; a few flags and scrims again borrowed from the lighting guys (thanks loads!); a Nikon D800e teathered to an Elite Book running Smart Shooter into Adobe Lightroom Classic, Calumet radio triggers and Nikon 45mm and 85mm PCE lenses.

Seeya soon mb