After the skate park adventure in East Kilbride, I decided to try out another. This time closer to home. Here’s the skate park at Silksworth ski slope and sports complex in Sunderland. To keep the feel of the images consistent, it was another early start and this time much colder than East Kilbride. Much, much colder!

But flying in the face of being consistent, I tried a different camera on this one, a Sony A6300 with Sigma primes (this camera is usually used for video). The file size is bigger than the Fuji X20 and the Sigma primes are really sharp, but with the style of retouch it wasn’t a problem matching the overall look.

Now I’m on the lookout for another location, between more photo work and shooting a new film… “And the Oscar goes to…” Yeah right!

Sliksworth Skatepark-2
Sliksworth Skatepark-3
Sliksworth Skatepark-4