Another post and another behind the scenes from a recent photographic adventure!

There’s a fun little stop motion film of a treacherous descent to the beach. In other words, it’s a walk down an incline and a scramble across the rocks!

Also not wishing to take credit for an amazing invention that keeps the rain off the filters in front of the camera, have a look at the still images below. I know what you’re thinking – it’s a baseball cap. It may look like a baseball cap but it’s actually an anti-precipitation repelling (baseball cap) device! You’ll all be wanting one, you know it!

Here’s the boring stuff: stop motion film created with a GoPro4, rendered out in GoPro Studio the edited in Davinci Resolve 17. Photography created with Nikon D800e with 45mm PCE lens on a lens clamp, Firecrest 16 stop filter and a Lee grad. It was a 240 sec exposure at an EI of between 126 to 252 on the catured images and a 3leggedthing tripod.

Seeya soon.

Nose Point-1