Apologies if you’re getting a little tired of these Behind the Scenes posts, but hopefully they demonstrate how a multitude of technical kit are configured to create a final commissioned image.

Here’s a nice architectural job recently undertaken. This particular one is an exterior, an interior would consist of a different box with lights and stands.

So below from top left: Nikon D800e with a 28mm PC Nikon lens with Firecrest polariser filter and a  Zacuto focusing rig with a 3leggedthing arca plate bracket on a Benro tripod with Manfrotto 405 geared head.

Next row: Waiting for the sun to make an appearence (patience is a virtue) and using a nodal corrector rig.

Next row: Pelicase with 28mm PC rig extra batteries, bubble level, mag trigger, Benro short column, right angled finder, 16-35mm f4 Nikon, 35mm f2.8 PC lens, 45mm PCE f2.8 Nikon lens, and three bags of 100mm filters – neutral and coloured Grads and ND’s. Nodal point corrector rig with Nikon D800e and a 35mm F2.8 PC Nikon lens.

The last but most important row: Servestri tripod caddy with waterproof camera cover, umbrella (mega important and slightly better than my previous anti-precipitation repelling baseball cap device) and a Nikon 45mm PCE f2.8 Nikon on a lens clamp so panoramic stiches can be created without any perspective issues.

Talking about perspective issues, I’ve a shift lens upload coming soon!!

Seeya soon.