Here’s a “big” project for the Life Science Centre, and let’s hear what Creative Designer from Hedley McEwan Rich Rogerson had to say about it.

“When the brief came in for the Life Science Centre’s – 6 meter southside window, I needed someone I could trust and had worked with before that could deliver stunning imagery.

I’ve worked with Michael before and knew he was the man for the job. From our initial meeting, Michael had a real passion and interest in what we were trying to do and achieve.

Michael understood our brief and provided excellent creative solutions on the fly, working with the young models and reacting to changing situations to produce some fantastic images!

I would have no problem recommending Michael to anyone for any photography projects they have coming up in the future. Visit Life Science Centre in Newcastle City Centre and see for yourselves.”

As Rich has mentioned, this job had it’s moments, but with a “keep calm and carry on” mentality I knew I could work with these “moments” and turn them into our advantage, in fact one ended up on the big picture!

I’ve been lucky in the past to have been commissioned to provide images to be displayed on a massive scale, some in exhibition spaces or for promotional/decoration around office/factory  spaces and other images that have ended up as ad campaigns on 48/96 sheet billboards like the Northern Rock Magpies ad campaign for Newcastle United.

Like the Centre for Life project which is an outside display, I also had large images created for the Tim Lamb Centre and Eldon Square. There’s a BTS film about this project on the Film part of this website when the Northumberland Street entrance was being refurbished (see below). In a chance meeting on Northumberland Street, I bumped into an old friend Alan who kindly took the picture.

Seeya soon mb

Centre 4 life-2