Another look behind the curtain!

This is a video for Think Ahead, this time on location at Middlesex University. There were quite a few things to consider when shooting this one! We shot two types of interviews and social media framing had to be taken into account, an upright video! What…Upright! What’s the world coming to? But with a bit of thought, shooting in 4K on three cameras (three cameras!) would do the job. With all that data, we may have required a super computer like the one in that 1980s film War Games! (Google it!)

Images below in a left to right, top to bottom fashion: big Peli case with as much stuff crammed in (had to move around the location so needed the least amount of bags to carry), Atomos Ninja case with V and 2 inside, inside location Tascam DR-5’s and wireless mics, as before but outside, inside behind camera with Atomos Ninja V with Godox 60 and Ice light in background, outside three camera set up 2/6300 and 1/6500 with sony 50mm and 18-105mm and a sigma 30mm, sound Tascam DR-60 sony XLR mic, same again but outside, camera rig with Atomos Ninja 2 external power brick for camera, same set up with Tascam DR-60 and sony headphones, two cameras one with Atomos Ninja V and other with Zacuto EVF.

The last four images are checking sound, putting lav mic on subject, lights on wheelie trolly, monitoring sound again (all the recievers are in my pocket).

I’ll post the finished film when it’s finally out in the wild.

Seeya mb

Think Ahead BTS comp