Yes still creating images the old fashioned way and why not, I had some film left to use and this ended up in a marathon developing session of 5/120, 4/135 and 9/5×4 sheets.

Below is a bit of BTS with a Walker Titan field camera, with a 90mm lens and bag bellows attached to the camera. As you can see you need a pack horse to carry all the stuff, film in darkslides in a cool bag, other lenses and roll film backs in an old Billingham 445 bag. I used a red filter which is a Cokin P sized one to make the sky a little more dramatic!

Other images were created on a Hassleblad 2000 FC/W and either a Nikon F301 or 8008. The Film was developed in Ifosol-3 for ease then scanned on an Epson perfection V700 Photo then retouching involved Silver FX and Adobe Photoshop.

Seeya soon.

Walker Titan on location
Gas monitors
South Shields-1
Iron Works
East End
Sales Lettings