Above is another vintage lens with aparent mythical qualities! It’s a Tamron 90mm SP manual focus macro lens. Long ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth, Tamron had a fantastic idea and came up with a lens mount system called Adaptal 2. You could buy the lens with the lens mount of your choice then, when you changed camera systems you bought another Adaptal 2 mount that matched the new camera of your choice…clever!

Anyway, as a macro lens it was ok. More often than not, it would be used as a portrait lens – 90mm is a nice focal length for head and shoulders portraits. So I’ve created some flower portraits with my lens using a Nikon D3x.

When I was a art college just after the last ice age, images like this were all the rage, but usually shot on medium format, possibly cross-processed film. Oh, how easy it is to create images like this now but what hasn’t changed is the creative process that comes at the start of any idea!

Flowers Study-1
Flowers Study-2
Flower study