It’s another Scottish Highlands adventure! I had a bit of down time after a particular job (that I was really looking forward to) got pulled at short notice!!

Lots of things go through my mind when embarking on a remote shoot. Usually I would plan this like a military campaign – weather, sun position, exact location and time to arrive etc. On this occasion, that would have severely restricted how many images I would have been able to create. I only had a single day in which to complete this trip as I had a further two commissions to fit in over the following three days as well as a retouching job!

So, a different mind set was required. On the basis of, ‘Stuff this. Let’s just go and see what happens!’, I ventured off.

With a medium Lowepro bag, a Nikon D800e, 24/28/35/45mm shift lenses, three bags of Lee/Firecrest filters and a Benro/3leggedthing tripods, off I went into the Highlands. After a total of over ten hours driving, the images below are the result.

I think it was worth the trip!

Seeya mb

Highlands bts