So after a conglomeration of vintage lenses, short films and interior behind the scenes Journal posts, I created a landscape upload. And like London buses, here’s another!

The first one was created at Derwent Water with a Nikon D800e and a 24mmPCE lens with a 10 stop Firecrest filter which made the exposure time 30 seconds. I would have probably liked a longer exposure time but didn’t want to miss the effect of the unexpected sunset between the hills.

The second image was created on a Nikon D3x with a 100mm E series lens. The road was busy so I had to be careful. The sun kept disappearing, so patience and a 30 minute wait was the order of the day.

The last two images were taken at Silloth, again on the D800e but this time a 45mmPCE lens on an iShoot rig, with a 10 stop Firecrest filter and a 2 stop soft Lee grad.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I promise I’ll post a filter Journal upload soon.