Trucking Heck! Here’s an interesting commission.

I’ve had previous experience with automotive photography before including car/truck images. One project of note was for Northern Rock Building Society. This was at the time, a fairly complex comping job of four cars for a advertising campaign. It was created on a Walker Titan 5×4 camera which was shot in the drive-in studio I owned at the time. Other notable projects were for EGGER at a recyling plant which were lit at dusk to show a dust suppressant system (these images are here).

The images below are for Cleveland Cable Company. We went with an idea to make the trucks a little bit special. The trucks were lit over the course of a day, starting with a van in a storage unit (because it was raining-really hard) and then moved outside until we ended up with a group shot at dusk.

The Behind the Scenes image below in a L to R fashion: Car off-loading all the stuff for the first image. Genesis 300B battery units with Elinchrom sunlight reflectors. Filter box with Lee Polariser, softars, colour correction and grads. Nikon D800e with 85mm PCE lens with Lee Polariser attached on a Benro tripod with Manfrotto 405 geared head, in background Godox 360 with medium beauty dish and grid. The next image is a Godox unit in front of wireless trigger case and camera/lens cases and one of a different angle of first image. The next nine images are me trying to look “down with the kids” wearing an attractive off the shoulder PPE vest and a back to front base ball cap!

The equipment for a commission like this was Nikon D800e, Nikon 24/45/85 PCE lenses, Godox 360’s, Calumet Genesis 300B flash units, Elinchrom dishes and light shapers, Lee filters, Calumet Radio triggers, Zacuto rear screen focusing rig, Benro tripod, Manfrotto geared head and Godox 360 flash battery powered flash heads.

Cleveland Cable Company fleet
Cleveland Cable Company Van