Here’s, in my opinion one of the greatest things since the invention of Powdered Milk! It’s an Elinchrome 44 square reflector with a grid and soft diffusion material attached (it also has a set of barn doors-see the round mounting points on the edge, but didn’t need them for this, it makes controling the spread of light even narrower) on an Elinchrom S2000 head going through a 2400 joule Chic 2 pack. These reflectors are so good (in the words of Victor Kiam) I bought two! (Yes I know he bought the company, so don’t write in!)

As you can also see on the BTS images below I used a Nikon D800e with a 85mm PCE lens on this studio pack shot to control the plane of focus by adjusting by using the tilt and shift movements on this lens.

In another image below I used it on a location portrait (I know the title of this is studio equipment! See how versitile these things are!!) commission for Scottish Forestry, using Calumet radio trigger on a Genisis 300 battery powered mono light and a Nikon D3x. The quality of light the reflector gives is a directional soft light source, not too big, excellent for portraits, products, anything that would require a medium sized soft light source and here again on a recent food commission (the first is a test for compositional purposes) again an elinchrom 500 monoblock head.

Seeya soon.

Still life bts
Scottish forestry
food bts