After the last journal upload of images created on film, here’s a look at “what’s in the bag” honestly, this is popular on the internet, at least the sites I look at (looking slightly worried emoji).

We’ve got here a Nikon FG20 with a winder attached, with 35mm E-series f2.5 lens, a Nikon F4 with 50mm F2 lens (see previous journal upload about standard lenses here). Three other lenses are 35mm PC lens a 50mm E-series f1.8 and a 28mm E-series lens and a few rolls of film. Orange and yellow filters for colour/contrast control, all this gets chucked in a Kata or Lowepro shoulder bag, nearly forgot a 100mm f2.8 E-series lens sometimes makes an appearance, you can read about the mythical qualities of that lens here.

Seeya soon mb