A two-day location shoot for an independent school in Cumbria. With a brief that had to be followed (nothing usual there) but with the added caveat, “These need to be beautiful!”

So car packed, hat on and suncream smeared (it was blazing hot!), off we went!

The initial campaign concepts for ‘A School Like No Other’ were created by Des and Dave from Infinite… We were ably assisted over the two days by Sam Bunting representing the school (and keeping the kids in check!). The the locations had been previously reccied earlier in the year and were close to or on school grounds, highlighting the unique location the school offers.

Here’s a word from Sam:

“‘A School Like No Other’ is a campaign very close to my heart – it being my children’s school. So you might call me out for being biased. But beyond that, from a professional perspective, I’ve worked with Michael before and it’s a joy and a delight. He is the consummate pro, listening to both client and agency ideas and responding brilliantly to both. The result is an enviable set of hero photography that any organisation would be proud of, and we fully intend to use it to its maximum potential across every, single platform. Thank you Michael – until next time.”

The image above (an alternate view of the Geography ad shown below) is a rough build of how some of the images were created using 7-8 images ‘stitched’ together. The central ‘action’ part of the image was captured, then a ‘build’ to the left and right was taken so all possibilities of ad shapes, van wraps, web and social formats could be accommodated.

The first set of images below, are behind the scenes from one of campaign images (and for the tech-heads) using a Godox 360 in HSS mode, Nikon D800e with a 85mm f1.8 D lens. An Energizer portable power station ran the laptop. The second set of images are behind the scenes from day two, “A Geography Lesson Like No Other” and “A Swimming Lesson Like No Other”. The geography image was created using an ‘ancient’ 105mm f2.5 Ai converted lens from 1971 with a Lee soft ND grad. The swimming image was created with the same camera but this time the lens was a 180mm f2.8 Ai lens from around 1977!

Examples of the final images (without the context of the campaign design), can be seen on the Active portfolio part of this site.

It was a really good trip, we all had a good laugh, well at least I did!

Seeya soon.

Hunter hall BTS
Hunter hall BTS