Another adventure on the North East coast. This time I got a little wet but that wasn’t the biggest problem. I was freezing cold!!

Filters used on these images are from the Lee filter system. A 0.6 hard grad and a medium stoppa, to get the shutter time of between 30 to 120 seconds. In the BTS image grid below in a L to R fashion again, position in rocks (extended centre column on tripod – wouldn’t do this if it was windy) filter case and timer close up; review images, timer close up using long exposure timer setting; two filters in filter holder; image review again, using a couple of degrees of lens tilt to get image sharp front to back, upright image for possible Shot of the Month, Filters again.

It’s been a while since I’ve braved the elements and must admit, I’ve missed it. So hold on to your hats for another one soon.

Seeya soon mb

Grangetown coast-1
Grangetown coast-bts
Grangetown coast-2