Here’s a foto for fun. You know, the three F’s!

I saw a drone image of this part of town with the new car park in the background and thought that looks nice, so I thought why not have a go. I tried two versions with varying degrees of success (in my opinion – remember this isn’t a job, a job would have had a brief!). The car park was finished bar some scaffold left up for fitting a advertising screen. The landscaping isn’t finished and there’s also other developments yet to start around the area. If you can cast your mind back to The Beam building on the Riverside development, I had made an image with the Wearmouth Bridge in the background. Since I took this image, a lot has been built around this area and the view with the bridge has long since been obscured! It’s nice to document something which in a short space in time will change dramatically.

The first evening image could possibly have been from a higher view point to separate the traffic from the building. The second image was spotted whilst going back to the car – scaffold still up on the left and fences still there, but I like the road sign. The day time image was taken with a Lee Big Stoppa to give the sky a bit of interest. I feel as though there is  a better shot in this somewhere and I’ll keep you posted when I find it. Remember if this was easy everybody would be doing it!

The usual equipment for a commission like this was Nikon D800e, Nikon 24/45/85 PCE lenses, 28mm and 35mm PC lens Benro tripod, Manfrotto geared head, Neewer timer and a big bag of Lee and other assorted filters.

Car Park-1
Car Park-2
Car Park-3