Here’s a big adventure!

From my ‘bat cave’ to Dartford, then to Oxford finishing in Cardiff and returning to base for leg one of this commission.

Round two consisted of four days in Leeds and two further days for a separate client. Quite a few miles travelled with some interesting stays in hotels and AirBnBs – one of which was at the end of the runway of a small airport (slight exageration, but it sounds dramatic!).

The project was to create images for various shopping centres, exteriors, specific interiors and details, for social projects and an image bank for future requirements.

After arriving at each location I took a little time to walk around while consulting a handy app – Photo Ephemaris. This allows me to judge where the sun is at any given time and be at the various locations at the right time of day (I would have checked this before hand on Google Maps with the initial brief, but it’s better to go over everything when on site with the final requirements).

The highlights of this adventure included photographing bee keepers on the roof – safety gear required and didn’t get stung once!); a life sized Japanese warrior model in a gents toilet (who spoke – quite un-nerving); the obligatory lorry/car parking right in front of the camera and an irrate man threatening people in the street! All-in-all just another day at the office (worried face emoji).

The usual equipment for a commission like this was Nikon D800e, Nikon 24/45/85 PCE lenses with i-Rig, 28mm and 35mm PC lens. An old 80-200mm f2.8 D series zoom and a 16-35mm f4 G series zoom, Benro tripod, Manfrotto geared head, Neewer timer and a big bag of Lee and other assorted filters. All this as you can see had to be carried around from one side of the location to another.

More Behind The Scenes images coming soon and I’m working on another short film, so stay tuned, mb.

Trinity Leeds