So here’s another set of “Rock’n’Roll” images.

Before organising a photo shoot talking with the artist/band talking through ideas before hand to at least have a starting point of what we want to achieve and what type of useage the images have to serve.

With that in mind and when it comes to the shoot day, I’ve found over the years whether it’s been work for new bands or established musicians and I try to come up with something a bit different, sometimes I have an idea which can be followed through with, sometimes I have an idea which has to be radically adapted or sometimes disgarded in the 15 minutes I’ll have to create images! Here’s a word from Chris about the job “Having worked with Mick before and knowing the results he achieves, I knew he would be the right photographer for this project. He took my idea and added to it, which was a challenge with the time and space we had on the night (right before a gig). I’m really pleased with the results” (BTW I heard the band in sound check and they sounded fantastic-remember the gig is at POP RECS in Sunderland on the 28th June)

This commission was to create an image for a poster and the rest for social media to be used by the artist and the venue and if you look below it even ended up in the local paper in this case front page and inside. So go on, support your local music venue and local bands, also it’s a fantastic venue.

Seeya soon mb

Chris Hair poster
Sunderland Echo-Chris Hair
Chris Hair-2