What? Another adventure on the North East coast. This time a new location, a one which I will return to at a different time and weather conditions.

By the way, I’m not having much luck with zips at the moment. Take a look at the photo grid at the bottom. You will notice (perhaps!) a different kit bag – the zip broke on my usual bag and a second hand bag was cheaper than a zip fix. I also have a different filter bag (the zip broke on that too). It’s currently held together with a light stand cord.

However, the most interesting aspect of this project are the filters I used on a couple of these images. I used a 0.6 reverse grad from the Lee filter system, a 0.9 hard grad and a big stoppa – to get a shutter time of 30 seconds. I also used a little stoppa for other images to get the shutter speed of around 1-2 seconds.

It’s exciting to find another location and I’ll be returning with a different plan and will be trying out a different view with a different lens choice.

Seeya soon mb